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CNC PROS Choose FANUC Robotics

CNC PROS Choose FANUC Robotics

After several years of observing, studying, and watching robotic automation technologies from the sidelines, CNC PROS is proud to announce that we have chosen FANUC Robotics as the automation partner that best aligns with the new CNC PROS initiative which is to offer the most advanced automation solutions to the Arizona market.

CNC PROS is working towards achieving the ASI (Authorized System integrator) status, which will enable the local CNC PROS team to offer local and competent automation solutions to the Arizona market.

Not a week goes by that one of our local visits to a precision manufacturer does not include the topic of finding skilled help. CNC PROS believes the time has come to stop talking and do something about it. We look forward to when the CNC PROS AUTOMATION LAB is up and running and helping the Arizona market excel in their business, utilizing the latest Fanuc robotics technology.

Fanuc Robotics, the world leader in automation, has the answers to help address the issues the Arizona market faces:

  1. Labor shortages,
  2. The lack of skilled labor,
  3. No real pipeline to fill the void.

When you consider those issues, it’s clear to see the advantages of having industrial robots on your shopfloor. These robots have been around for decades, but recent innovations have made them more flexible, easier to use, and more affordable than ever for small businesses. That means that no matter how big or small your business may be, CNC PROS and FANUC Robotics can provide automation solutions that should improve your company’s productivity and profits.

Reach out to CNC PROS today to see how CNC PROS with FANUC Robotics can help you today.

To learn more about this initiative, and what it could mean for your business, call 602.483.4414 today, email, or use our contact form and we will reach out to you.

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