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Urgent Service


CNC PROS Urgent Service
CNC PROS Urgent Service

Stuff happens, and usually at the most inconvenient time. Although, let’s face it, there is never a good time for a machine crash or an extended shutdown, which is why we advocate regular preventive maintenance. But, sometimes even the best laid plans fall down. Did you have a power outage? Did someone miss a decimal point and crash your machine? Has a gremlin snuck into your machine, giving you problems that your team just can’t figure out? Are you having problems making a good part?

Urgent Service with CNC PROS

Down time is money lost. The team at CNC PROS have the knowledge, experience, ability, and desire to get your machine running as soon as possible. Our success depends on your success, and if your machine is not cutting chips and making parts, it is very likely that this condition is having a direct, financial impact on your business and your success.

Partner with CNC PROS

If you have invested with CNC PROS on your machine tool technologies, any Urgent Service request will fall under the CNC PROS 24-hour Pledge. Our in-house service team of experienced technicians offers direct support to our customers.


Any new machine tool investment made with CNC PROS that requires a service call will have a qualified technician onsite within 24-hours of the first request. If CNC PROS misses the first 24-hour window, the customer will receive a $500.00 service credit for every 24-hour window missed. CNC PROS will also assist our partners to utilize 100% of their machine tool investment technologies as well as provide lifetime training.

The CNC PROS Pledge
CNC PROS Urgent Service

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